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Indo-China nuclear war in existing neo-liberal world ?

HISTORY of international relations, is replete with innumerable testimonies that threat perception is one of the most substantial tools being used by statecrafts for the purpose of acquiring short term and long term interests. According to some commentators, the prevailing China and India standoff over Bhutan Doklam intensifies the likelihood of a nuclear war between two economic giants of world. Nuclear war of them should be assumed, destruction not only for them but also for whole world. In contrast, it is naïve to perceive possibility of triggering a nuclear war in this neo-liberal world. Having said that, war of two economic giants of the world would be one of the most horrifying and devastating wars in the world. Nuclear nukes of China and India first time in history of mankind would affect 2.6 billion inhabitants of mentioned countries.
Most considerably, 2.6 billion populations of them plays a crucial for the economy of the world; in neo-liberal world labourers are considered to be an engine of the world’s economy. Thus, both China and India are in quest for becoming economic powers and war is not in interest of them. Policy makers of both counties are fully cognizant of the outcomes of nuclear nukes. In this regard, intentions of China are crystal clear to espouse the trajectory of peaceful development by initiating Belt and Road (BRI) initiative. China needs peace and tranquillity desperately for the accomplishment of (BRI).
Intriguingly, China is one of the leading trade partners of India and has surpassed the USA as for as trade of America with India is concerned. In neo-liberal world “Profit is the real God” profit of India is protected with closed China rather than distant America. Existing compulsions of both states wither feasibility of a nuclear war, where both are economically intertwined. Interests of capitalists and oligarchs are preserved by making cordial and cosy ties, so that they could make further headways in their capitals. Intimidations and fearmongering are tools to be used by justifying their profit in realm of nuclear activities.
Meanwhile, India’s obsessions with new world order of China erodes likelihood of a nuclear war; India is also interested in seeing a new world order of China, where it could have more share in new world’s institutions. India is already deprived of having satisfactory quota in existing World institutions. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) led China has approved a US$160 million loan for projects in India. While, economy of the USA declining by leaps and bounds, it would be better option for India not to embroil in border issue of China and Bhutan and implement rules of absolute gains in letter and spirit. It is time India engaged into introspection and pondered over putting all eggs in basket of America and be more vigilant regarding saying of Hennery Kissinger who says that “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”. Ball is now in court of India, whether it would believe in a new doctrine that “the upcoming era would be an era of Asia”. If it is an era of Asia, how India would tackle its outstanding issues with China?
On the other hand, entry of India in SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) paves the way for better economic ties of India and regional connectivity with Central Asian Countries. Membership of India in SCO has brought a great deal of convergence in interest of China and India. Waging a nuclear war with China under current juncture would dash all Indian’s hopes to the ground. India by waging a nuclear would put its substantial geo-economic and geo-strategic interests such as energy security, fight against terrorism, trade opportunities at stake. America by supporting India to contain China does not produce fruitful results for India and Asia. As mentioned earlier, in neo-liberal world profit is the real God. America having 45 per cent world’s weapons industries tries to sell its weapons to India so that China could be contained. But in long term the containment of China by America to support India is counterproductive for Asian century. Another challenge that halts India to wage a nuclear war with China is terrorism, a prevailing threat to Pakistan, China and India caused a monolithic damage to the region. Before going to squander worthwhile time on making chauvinistic and jingoistic slogans India should cooperate with Pakistan and China to eradicate terrorism.
In short, by virtue of globalization and economic interdependence, there is no room for a nuclear war. It needs to be instilled into mind, nuclear war of China and India would cause an immense damage to the world economy. China alone has economic ties with 120 countries and America has invested in China ten time bigger than that of India. America, being a global power is fully dependent on China economically and can never trigger direct confrontation with China. On account of economic interdependence China and India can never move towards a nuclear war, it is out of the question.
— The writer is Research Fellow at Institute of Strategic Studies, a think-tank based in Islamabad.

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