US terms Pak army efforts as great success story

Top US Senators  have lauded the efforts of the Pakistan Army in dismantling terrorist networks and uplifting socio-economic conditions in the tribal region.  A US delegation led by Senator John McCain that visited the South Waziristan on Monday  was all praise for  the Pakistan Army’s efforts against terrorism “Pak Army’s efforts are a great success story and strong Pak-US partnership is only way to succeed”.   The Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa also met the delegation and thanked the US for its cooperation. The visiting delegation was flown over the area to fully view the Pak-Afghan border and have a better understanding of the prevailing security situation. “The delegation having seen the realities on ground, acknowledged the efforts and sacrifices made by Pakistan Army and the local tribes for reestablishing peace and order in the area,” the ISPR release said.  Senator McCain reiterated the importance of institutionalised security measures on the Pak-Afghan border to monitor the movement there for better security coordination. Later talking to media persons Senator John McCain said he and his colleagues from the United States Senate had a very informative and important visit. “The visit helped US understand the challenges, successes and the remaining challenges that require close coordination and assistance from us and with us”.  Senator McCain told media persons.  He said that discussions have taken place with top military officials of Pakistan regarding the importance of Pak-Afghan cooperation adding with the right strategy and cooperation, success can be achieved. Pakistan Army lead security forces it may be recalled was initiated against the militants challenging the writ of the state in June 2014. The PAF birds since then have been pounding the militant’s hideouts in the agency and have so far killed around 4000 miscreants including many fugitives besides destroying more than 350 militant’s hide outs in the North Waziristan agency in the Operation titled Zarb-e-Azb spanning over 20 months. Likewise during the ground operation the Pak Army lead security forces have seized scores of bomb and other explosives manufacturing factories of the terrorists in various parts of the  as they successfully continued their advancements against the trouble makers. However, in the process over 350 troops including scores of officers also embraced Shahadat valiantly fighting against the terrorists.  Majority of the trouble makers have either been killed or flushed out from the NWA as more than 90 percent area has  been cleared from alleged terrorists and the military authorities said small pockets of the insurgents would also be cleared soon and the miscreants would not find refuge anywhere.

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